IMG_2635To read more complete accounts from folks who have worked with me as a birth doula, check out my DoulaMatch.net profile.

“Emma was and continues to be an incredible and reliable resource; any recommendation she makes, she backs up with literature and research. …And thanks to her, I made it through a very heavily-medically-monitored non-medicated birth! During labor she was a constant, yet somehow non-invasive calming presence. She made suggestions about how to move, how to cool off, how to warm up, how to massage, and how to leave me alone when I needed it. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone, and know without a doubt that she could make any birth or reproductive experience or choice more informed, more comfortable, and more peaceful. I’m so grateful to have met her!” -Sophie

“Emma has been a huge help to me post-partum. I have a 3 month old and have used Emma for both placenta encapsulation and post-partum care. She was amazing, picking up my placenta at 3am from the hospital and then hand deivering the miracle pills 2 days later to my house! Who does that?! Emma, that’s who! My husband was so impressed at how calm and relaxed the pills made me and he now swears by them and urges all of my pregnant friends to do it too. …She is the only non-family that I trust with my daughter and my daughter loves her. I highly recommend Emma for anything that has to do with babies, doula care, placenta pills and post-partum care!” -Sarah

“My husband and I really enjoyed working with Emma.  She was very accomodating with our little one’s early arrival on Christmas Eve and stayed with us through the entire labor.  She brought electric candles and essential oils, which were a great help during the tough times.  She also wasn’t afraid to jump in for whatever was necessary.  In terms of post-partum care, Emma has been a huge help with our new little one and helping me adjust to motherhood.  Again, she’s great at taking inititiatve and doing what needs to be done without me telling her.  The best part though is that she’s a fantastic cook, which is so necessary when the last thing you want to worry about is what’s for dinner.  We love working with her! ” -Caroline

“We’re so happy we chose Emma as our doula. From the first email through the first phone call and then the first meeting, we just felt like she got it-both who we are and what we wanted from a doula. …At the hospital, she helped with pain relief, she helped us make sense of what the doctors and nurses said, she got waters and juices or stayed with my wife while I stepped out to make a phone call or get snacks, and she was just there. All night, and all day, and all into the second night. …Truly, she did all we’d hoped and more, and we can’t imagine making it through having twins without her!” -Diana

“I gave birth at the Cambridge Birth Center with Emma and my partner attending. She was a calm, positive presence and an excellent partner to my partner. Between the two of them I received constant care and attention. It was a natural, no drugs labor and throughout the process I felt loved and supported.” -Chandra

“Nothing but calm, supportive and positive. …Her suggestions on herbal remedies for both health and relaxation helped out tremendously.” -Nataly

“We immediately felt a connection with Emma upon meeting her at the Mama&Me Meet the Doulas night in JP. Her vibe is laid back, friendly, organic and soothing. …During labor, she was a constant source of strength and encouragement, keeping my focus on my own goals and intentions. …She is for sure dedicated and I would easily recommend her to my friends.” -Andrea