Abortion or Miscarriage Support

Support for the full-spectrum of pregnancy outcomes

Since the beginning of my practice, I’ve always committed to providing support to people experiencing pregnancy loss or termination. All experiences with fertility can have a profound impact on us and deserve reverence. If you are experiencing a loss or need an abortion, make sure you have the support you deserve.

a white woman with short hair stands on a beach eating a donut. Her shirt reads "probably thinking about abortion rights"
Enjoying a gluten-free donut at Nahant Beach, definitely thinking about abortion rights.

I can provide

  • Options counseling
  • Knowledge about Boston-area medical providers
  • Support in-home (or out of clinic) for a medication abortion
  • Potential in-clinic support (depends on the clinic, this is tricky since the pandemic)
  • Herbal support surrounding your experience
  • Information about traveling to Massachusetts from other states for reproductive healthcare

If anyone you know needs, but can’t afford an abortion, please contact the EMA Fund.

This service is always free. For more information please email emmaobrien@gmail.com.